I am incredibly fortunate because I love what I do. Plastic surgery combines anatomy, surgery, and visible results to make people feel whole again after reconstructive surgery or more confident after cosmetic surgery. Getting to know my patients, developing individualized treatment plans, and providing safe and evidence-based surgical care make my job meaningful. I believe in a patient-centered approach to plastic surgery.

I love working with patients who have a realistic sense of how plastic surgery can help refine or enhance their own beauty. My goal is not to entice patients into having procedures they don’t need, and I am more than happy to steer patients away from surgical procedures if they aren’t appropriate. Although I am proud of my education, training, and professional accomplishments, the most important thing that you will get from me as a patient is honesty and an evidence-based approach to patient care. I am a people person, not a salesman.

My practice is structured to allow me to spend time with you. This is the most fundamental part of being a doctor, and I take it very seriously. Understanding your perspective and learning your preferences is very important to me, as it forms the foundation of a relationship built on trust and a treatment plan that will meet your expectations. My team and I will not make you feel rushed, we will be available to you, and we will take excellent care of you. My priority is to provide natural, long-lasting results. I want you to feel like you are you, not like you’ve had plastic surgery.

You will notice as you explore this website that there are no stock photos or paid models. I do not post before and after photographs because most of my patients prefer to be discrete. You want a surgeon who is knowledgeable, experienced, safe, and personable. Pictures won’t tell you this, as every surgeon can show you their best results. When you come in for a consultation, your personal anatomy, preferences, and goals will inform a discussion that leads to a surgical plan tailored to you as an individual. It is in this context that before and after photographs provide the most benefit. If you would like to see before and after photographs, I recommend visiting the American Society of Plastic Surgeon’s website at this link.